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What's up with a child farting? Parents need to know the health secrets hidden in their children's "farts"

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What's up with a child farting? Parents need to know the health secrets hidden in their children's "farts"

Farting is the most normal physiological response, and it is also a manifestation of intestinal health and smoothness. For children, the gut is not fully developed and is susceptible to bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, the most common of which is rotavirus infection, which induces intestinal diseases. The common features of intestinal diseases are abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, abnormal fart, etc. Parents need to pay attention to their children's farts and understand the signals they release. What are the health secrets hidden in the "farts" of children? 1. The food eaten by odorless farts enters the intestines for digestion and decomposition. During this process, gas can be generated due to fermentation, thereby generating farts. Especially for children, too much air will be inhaled when breastfeeding. If there is no abnormality when the child farts, and the farts are heavy or loud, there is no need to worry too much; generally, the farts will decrease around 6 months. Breastfeeding mothers can also cause children to fart more after eating too many foods that are prone to gas, such as mixed beans, onions and beans, peanuts, and cabbage. 2. There are many stinky farts. If the child's fart is continuous and accompanied by a sour smell, it should be considered that indigestion, too much undigested food accumulates in the intestines, and gas is generated due to the fermentation of bacteria in the intestines. This situation occurs. Choosing unqualified formula milk for children, improper preparation of milk, etc. will cause indigestion; adding too much starch or eating too much meat, ingesting a lot of protein in complementary foods can increase the load on the stomach and intestines, which will lead to constant stinky farts . 3. Farting is always intermittent and there is no peculiar smell. It may be that after the stomach is emptied, the intestinal peristalsis is promoted due to excessive hunger. In this case, it should be close to the child's abdomen and listen for bowel sounds. Possibly caused by starvation. 4. Children 6 months ago often pull loose stools, so that a small part of the stool is brought out when they fart, so there is no need to worry too much. After the stool is formed, this problem will gradually decrease. It is worth mentioning that the smell of fart is accompanied by constant crying and diarrhea, which may be caused by cold abdomen and unclean diet, and you need to seek medical attention immediately. Be sure to keep warm when changing diapers or clothes to prevent your belly from getting cold. 5. No farting for several days. If the child has not had bowel movements and fart for several days, and is accompanied by continuous crying, it should not be underestimated at this time. It is very likely to be intussusception or intestinal infarction, and it is necessary to seek medical treatment immediately. Reminder After the above introduction, do parents already have the answer in their hearts, so they should pay more attention to their children's farts. Autumn is a period of high incidence of intestinal diseases. We must do preventive work, eat hygienically, and stay away from cold and cold foods; wash hands before and after meals; regularly disinfect the tableware used; keep the abdomen warm. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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