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Don't you have to do gastroscopy if you don't feel sick? What should I pay attention to after gastroscopy?

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Don't you have to do gastroscopy if you don't feel sick? What should I pay attention to after gastroscopy?

Gastrointestinal problems can be clearly understood through gastroscopy, and because gastroscope can be used as an early screening for gastric cancer, many people think that in a healthy state, gastroscope is not necessary, only necessary for symptoms, but in fact it is not. In addition to helping to screen gastric cancer, gastroscopy can also diagnose other diseases. Regular gastroscopy is also essential as a checkup item. Do healthy people not need gastroscopy? Generally speaking, if you often have difficulty swallowing, upper abdominal pain or unexplained abdominal pain, you need to do a gastroscopy. However, because the incidence of gastric cancer has continued to rise in recent years, there are high-risk groups of gastric cancer, so even if they are healthy and have no symptoms, people at high risk should be screened by gastroscope. For example, immediate family members who have stomach cancer, frequent overeating, chronic stomach diseases, etc. belong to high-risk groups. These groups should have regular gastroscopy under the guidance of a doctor to screen for stomach conditions. It is not that they are healthy people who do not have symptoms and do not need to do it. gastroscopy. What precautions should be taken after gastroscopy? 1. You cannot eat immediately. Because of the local anesthetics that will be taken during gastroscopy, the gastroscope tube will irritate the gastric mucosa during the examination. Therefore, drinking water can be resumed two hours after the examination, and food can be gradually eaten 4 hours after the examination. Pay attention to choosing liquid food to avoid food that is too hard to irritate the stomach and throat. 2. Can't do high-altitude work If you do painless gastroscopy, you can't drive and do high-altitude work within 24 hours after the examination. Because the effect of anesthesia is not completely metabolized out of the body, it is easy to make people feel drowsy. If you do high-altitude work or drive within 24 hours after the inspection, accidents are likely to occur. 3. Do not do strenuous exercise because before the gastroscopy, the doctor will ask the patient to fast on an empty stomach and to eat two hours after the examination, when the body has no energy. Strenuous exercise will make people feel hungry, prone to dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, and even faint due to low blood sugar, especially those who have undergone painless gastroscopy. 4. If the oral lozenge is found to have a tingling sensation in the throat after inspection, do not worry too much, this is because the instrument stimulates the throat mucosa during the inspection. As long as you take more rest and take anti-inflammatory lozenges, the discomfort will gradually disappear. In general, gastroscopy can detect problems that cannot be found by other examinations in time, such as early lesions, gastric ulcers, and gastric bleeding. Therefore, if you find any discomfort, you should do a gastroscopy in time. If you are afraid of pain, you can choose a painless gastroscope, but pay attention to allergies and inform the doctor and do an anesthesia test before doing a painless gastroscopy to avoid accidents caused by anesthesia allergy. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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