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Xuzhou Anxiety: Will those with strong hearts be less anxious than ordinary people?

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Xuzhou Anxiety: Will those with strong hearts be less anxious than ordinary people?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Will those excellent people, those with strong hearts, be less anxious than ordinary people? Many times, people will have an illusion that as long as they are strong and powerful, they will be upset and troubled, and they will no longer be a problem, and they will be more calm and calm in their mentality. In a sense, it's like when you first entered the workforce, the things that made you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, years later, look back as too simple to be bothered by. From this point of view, it seems that the more outstanding people are, the less anxious they should be. But in fact, the more powerful and successful people are, the more anxious they are usually. Because with the improvement of their own abilities, the things TA have to face will become more and more complicated. Just like an ordinary employee who is only anxious about the job at hand, a boss who can't do anything well in the company will make them nervous. In other words, their high income comes from taking high risks and anxiety. From this perspective, how much a person can achieve depends on how much anxiety he can bear. It is difficult for a person who is easily broken down and has a broken mentality to become a good person. Anxiety is your friend, not your enemy. So, fighting anxiety, eliminating anxiety, is too unrealistic, too misleading. Instead of living with anxiety, we should accept anxiety and move on with our lives. Psychologists believe that the important task of life is not to eliminate anxiety, but to create anxiety. By continually raising your anxiety levels, you can continually tap your own potential, making it possible to achieve yourself at a higher level. That is, don't always oppose your inner anxiety, but try to accept it and gain strength from it. There are many kinds of motivation in people's life, some of which come from the attraction brought by incentives and rewards, and some may come from the spur of pain. When you get used to the pain, it doesn't torture you anymore, instead, it turns around and pushes you forward.


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