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Xuzhou Anxiety: Why Do We Have Anxiety?

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Xuzhou Anxiety: Why Do We Have Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Everyone reacts differently to anxiety. What can help us is good anxiety. But strictly speaking, anxiety is the most basic and instinctive stress state of human beings, and there are almost no anxious people. Anxiety is the most direct expression of our inner needs through the medium of the body. Anxiety is not good or bad, only the degree, the strength of persistence, and the length of time. Generally speaking, maintaining moderate anxiety is a defense against our living environment and a warning to our own sense of security. High-intensity anxiety, we might call it fear. In psychoanalytic theory, anxiety is at the heart of psychological problems. In the introductory lecture on psychoanalysis, two kinds of anxiety were distinguished: one is "reality anxiety", that is, the fear of real danger, which is an emotional experience presented in response to real pressure. The other is "nervous anxiety", which originates from inner psychological conflicts. Our consciousness cannot reach or understand, it is related to earlier experiences or trauma. Medically explained anxiety is generally divided into panic attacks and generalized anxiety. Panic attack: rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing, sweating, shaking hands and feet, thoughts running through my head like a horde of demons. It's like having a heart attack and you feel like you're going to die. It was a terrifying near-death experience. Generalized Anxiety: is a chronic anxiety disorder characterized by persistently marked nervousness, autonomic excitation, and hypervigilance. This is the most common anxiety disorder. Patients with generalized anxiety disorder often have characteristic physical manifestations, such as twisted facial muscles, frowning, tense posture, restlessness, and even trembling, pale skin, sweaty palms, soles, and armpits. Everyone's personality and sensitivity levels are different, so anxiety responses are also different. Because everyone is facing the same pressure, just different levels and intensity of anxiety. If there is really a good anxiety, it is moderate anxiety, which can promote our efforts and progress on the premise of increasing motivation!

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