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Xuzhou insomnia: treat insomnia, stay away from disease

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Xuzhou insomnia: treat insomnia, stay away from disease

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: First, eat and sleep on time before going to bed. To ensure a good night's sleep every day, you must have good living habits, regular work and rest, and ensure that you eat and sleep on time. For example, not eating dinner on time, not going to bed on time, will greatly affect sleep. Second, taking sleeping pills is not easy to fall asleep. When patients find themselves insomnia, do not immediately take sleeping pills. Find out what is the cause of insomnia. Some insomnia is relatively short-term, mainly affected by emotions and environment, so as long as these factors are avoided, insomnia will not be avoided, and normal life will not be greatly affected. Third, relax and fall asleep When anxiety insomnia occurs, first of all, don't be too nervous, relax, build the confidence to overcome the disease, find the treatment method, and cooperate with diet, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. I believe that you will soon get rid of the disease and return to normal sleep. Stay away from disease and care for health. The above possible methods have been ineffective for some patients, but experts would like to remind that for any disease, the patient's own psychology is the clearest, and the treatment of any disease requires the patient's cooperation and persistence. The above methods of treating insomnia are helpful to patients and their families. I wish you a speedy recovery! How to avoid insomnia Normal sleep can help us boost our metabolism, but if we have insomnia, we will be more worried. Insomnia not only affects our health, but also affects our normal life. Therefore, we cannot ignore insomnia. Here, we will introduce you to preventive measures, which we hope will help the patient's treatment. Develop a good routine: try to wash and sleep at 10 o'clock in the evening. If you really can't sleep at two or three o'clock every night, don't stay in bed in the morning. Go to bed early every day. Only then can high-quality sleep come back to us. Create a good sleeping atmosphere: Choose your bed and pillows carefully. Experts pointed out that the spring mattress that white-collar workers usually prefer is actually not conducive to sleep. If you have to choose a spring bed, don't choose too soft. Also, pay attention to the height of the pillow. Scientific pillow height should be 6-9cm. Also, don't put a ticking alarm clock in the bedroom. Electronic clocks are suitable for use in bedrooms.

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