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Obsessing over symptoms is the biggest misconception about treating depression

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Obsessing over symptoms is the biggest misconception about treating depression

Less talk about symptoms, avoid talking about symptoms 01 Psychological counseling treatment is carried out around the patient's disease. In the treatment, we generally do not need to worry about the symptoms, and generally judge the condition by the symptoms. Because for symptoms, entanglement is useless, it is only the external manifestation of the disease, not starting from the root, only entanglement with symptoms is to cure the symptoms but not the root cause. Many patients should have this experience: when one symptom disappears, a new one appears. For example, to analyze whether a "fear" is true? Might not happen? After the analysis, it may not be true, let it go, but the second one pops up. After analyzing it again, it may not be true. The third one...that's bad, and I fall into the misunderstanding of "talking about symptoms based on symptoms". . 02 Don't dwell too much on symptoms. Many "fears" cannot be analyzed. If personality defects are not eliminated, symptoms will emerge one after another! If you only focus on symptoms, your understanding of "fear" will not be very thorough and profound, you will not be able to overcome "fear", and it will be difficult to solve the problem completely. Just like many people change their symptoms, these two A month is afraid of this, two months are afraid of that, and another two months are afraid of another. Therefore, when receiving grooming therapy, care should be taken to prevent too much entanglement in the symptoms, because the symptoms are only one way to judge the treatment method. Many people often change their symptoms constantly, look back at what they were afraid of before, it seems that it doesn’t matter, and even think, “Why were you so ridiculous back then? What’s so scary about this!” We not only laugh at each other: “What’s the matter with you? Scared! If it's not a problem for me at all!" He would also laugh at himself, laughing at his fears. 03 Summarize the experience, reflect and analyze each symptom from the character, and fall into the misunderstanding. Although so many worries are of the same nature, if you don't analyze the trunk and reflect on your own character, it will be difficult to make progress. Many people spend their entire lives struggling with symptoms. 04Think deeply about the origin of your symptoms Then, doctors often want to understand your symptoms. What is the role of the symptoms? It has two functions: ① It is used to help diagnose and analyze which part of your psychological process has a problem? ②To judge the curative effect. For example, it turns out that the symptoms interfere a lot with you, but after treatment, the interference is less, or you don’t care much, it means that you have made progress. So instead of dwelling on the symptoms too much, analyze how the symptoms came about? Why do I have it and others don't? It is a misunderstanding of treatment to dwell on symptoms too much without thinking deeply. When you choose to see a doctor, please trust your doctor. A professional doctor will make your treatment more effective. Do not use your own guesses to interfere with the treatment process, so as not to delay treatment.

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