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Xuzhou Depression: What if we suffer from depression ourselves?

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Xuzhou Depression: What if we suffer from depression ourselves?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: What should we do if we ourselves suffer from depression? Combine some psychological knowledge to see how to self-relieve ~ 1. Develop a useful recovery plan. This includes building emotional support with family and friends, consulting a counselor, or being able to take on a new job or fun activity. It is useless for a person to suffer silently. Talking to people close to him is very effective. At the same time, investing in a brand new job can have unexpectedly good results. 2. Make a plan in weekly units. A thousand miles begins with a single step. Setting short-term goals first will help you better practice your long-term goals. When you're feeling down, don't try to plan the rest of your life, just decide what you should accomplish next week. Also, don't forget to schedule some activities that you really love. You must live a happy life! 3. Focus on setting moderately feasible goals. The goal that can be touched in one jump will make you full of hope for the future and stay away from the psychological state of depression and tension. Clear and feasible goals and realistic and moderate expectations can lead people to move forward with a down-to-earth attitude and confidence. 4. Celebrate your progress. This is a way of spiritual reward, and constantly accumulate a sense of achievement. When you reach your goal, thank yourself. At the same time, be gentle with yourself. Don't blame yourself if you don't finish. Do your best, no regrets! Just make up your mind to try again next time. 5. Pay attention to arrange some recreational activities. Embrace new experiences. Doing so can help you get out of the mindset. If you can't think of a fun activity right away, think back to a good old time.


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