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How to get rid of inner inferiority complex? Try these 3 ways

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How to get rid of inner inferiority complex? Try these 3 ways

Have you ever encountered such a situation? Others say you look good today, but you think the other party is just polite; others say you did a great job this time, but you say, "It's just lucky, next time you won't be able to do it~" Even though you've worked hard, you're still not perfect for yourself. And guilt, can not tolerate their own mistakes. Many people feel that this is humility, but they don't know that there is actually a hidden blame for themselves, and they deliberately belittle themselves and habitually avoid it. From the perspective of self psychology, this is a kind of self-denial. People with self-denial usually have a low sense of self-worth and have an inferiority complex that is difficult to eliminate. This is not a healthy state of mind. The soul that could have been glowing and hot will be slowly swallowed up by self-blame again and again; the self that could have been better, was trapped in the quagmire of negative energy and could not get out. It may be due to family reasons. Parents may often urge their children: "You will definitely not be able to get into a good university in the future!" "Occasionally, what if you pass the test once or twice, the next door neighbor's son will be the first in the test every time!" "You will eat and sleep every day. What?" And people who received little positive feedback in childhood have difficulty seeing their "goodness" in adulthood. The current peer pressure, as well as the constant involution in the big environment, will also make people feel that "I'm not good enough" all the time, and they can't stop worrying. Dear friends, I want to give you three methods here, which are simple but very practical. If you also have an unconfident soul, I suggest you try: a. Cultivate the habit of doing one small thing a day, such as tidying up the room today, reading this book 1/3 today... This method is mainly to help you regain a sense of control within the limits of your ability. Learn to "split big goals into small goals", small things are easier to complete, and frustration will be less and less, so as to avoid too much self-denial. Things are done - you get a "good" experience. Through continuous accumulation, it helps to get out of self-denial. b. Make a "Advantage Notebook" for yourself to record your advantages anytime and anywhere, and attach corresponding examples. For example: "I have become self-disciplined recently, and I have insisted on getting up at 8 o'clock a week." Whenever you deny yourself, take out the notebook and look at it, maybe you will find "Wow, I am so good, so good!", Thereby gaining support and a sense of strength. c. Stay in touch with relationships that give you a sense of self-worth. Looking back, was there a relationship that made you feel worthwhile? When you're with them, you feel like you're a good person, and you can feel a part of yourself that shines. They will also appreciate and encourage you from the bottom of their hearts. If there is, you can have a long-term interaction and communication with such a relationship, it is the soil that nourishes your sense of self-worth. You'll find in this relationship that you're not perfect, but you're shining. These three methods are not difficult, but all very practical. I hope that every unconfident soul can see where it really shines. Because you deserve to be loved.


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