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Is neurasthenia hereditary? 5 causes of neurasthenia to beware of

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Is neurasthenia hereditary? 5 causes of neurasthenia to beware of

Neurasthenia is a situation in which the pressure and tension exceed the maximum human being can bear, resulting in abnormal excitement or mental fatigue. Nowadays, people's daily life is full of all kinds of stress. If they are in a state of high stress for a long time, it will cause a certain degree of physical and mental damage, which will lead to neurasthenia over time. So how is neurasthenia caused? 1. Stress The main source of stress is work and life, which is the main cause of neurasthenia, especially those who are engaged in mental work are more prone to stress. Part of the situation is that the brain is active and thinking for too long, because study or work itself is difficult, and prolonged concentration is more likely to cause neurasthenia, mental tension or physical and mental exhaustion. 2. Life encounters There are still a small number of people whose personal experiences are too negative. For a long time, their psychology has been in a state of conflict and trauma, such as family discord, unhappy marriage, death of a loved one, love problems or interpersonal tension caused by personal character. It is easy to cause neurasthenia, which is a long-term influencing factor. 3. Poor adaptability Now due to the needs of life and work, some people may need to change their living environment for a long time. People feel lonely in situations where interpersonal and natural environments are constantly changing. At this time, if they can't better adapt to the new environment, they are likely to have neurological dysfunction and anxiety, affecting their daily life and diet, so that the already tense brain cannot be rested, which provides conditions for neurasthenia. 4. Hereditary neurasthenia, although not a genetic disease, tends to run in families. The appearance of neurasthenia has a great relationship with one's own character, and one's own character has a great influence on his offspring. Therefore, patients with neurasthenia should pay attention to cultivating the character of the child, correcting the bad character, and also preventing the occurrence of the disease. 5. Neurasthenia in other diseases does not necessarily appear alone. It is likely to be a complication caused by other diseases, such as viral infection, traumatic brain injury, chronic physical disease, etc. May have an effect on the human nervous system, which is also the cause of mental weakness. Although neurasthenia may not seem like a serious disease, it should not be taken lightly. Usually pay attention to psychological adjustment, stable state of mind, and develop healthy living habits. When something happens, don't be nervous and excited, solve it calmly, try to keep yourself in a happy mood, and spend every day happily. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]


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