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Broken bones for a hundred days? How to take care of the fracture after the fracture?

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Broken bones for a hundred days? How to take care of the fracture after the fracture?

Today's medical technology has improved a lot, even a fracture is not a serious disease, but the recovery process of a fracture is indeed quite long. Generally, after the plaster is cast, it is necessary to go home to recuperate, so the nursing care after the fracture Work is particularly important, otherwise the recovery time will become longer, and the impact on life and work will be greater. How to care for a fracture? 1. After vitamin and protein supplementation, the patient's body will lose a large amount of vitamins and protein and other nutrients. Therefore, during the nursing stage, attention should be paid to nutritional supplementation. It is recommended that patients eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, which can promote fractures. It is helpful to heal the body part and shorten the recovery time. In addition, it is necessary to eat more protein-rich foods, such as eggs, fish and soy products, which can increase the energy of the patient and improve the immunity of the patient. 2. Avoid abuse of drugs Pain is a very important concern for all fracture patients, because even in the recovery stage, the injured part will feel pain from time to time. In order to reduce pain, some patients will buy some painkillers or drugs to help recovery without permission In fact, these drugs do not help the recovery of the fracture at all, and may even affect the recovery time due to side effects. It is recommended that patients strictly follow the doctor's instructions and avoid private abuse of drugs. If the pain is unbearable, consult a doctor in advance. , and take relevant pain relievers under the guidance of a doctor. 3. Proper calcium supplementation The recovery of bones requires the participation of calcium. Therefore, many people will drink bone soup and eat some calcium-rich foods to help recovery during the recovery period. In fact, fracture patients cannot Blind calcium supplementation, proper calcium can indeed help fracture patients recover faster, but fracture patients have less activity, and the demand for calcium elements will be correspondingly reduced. It can also cause constipation, which makes the patient suffer more pain. 4. Supplementing water Some fracture patients will reduce the amount of water they drink because they are inconvenient to move, because this can reduce the number of times they go to the toilet. In fact, this behavior is extremely incorrect. The fracture patients will have digestive function due to lack of exercise. If the water intake is controlled, the constipation will become more serious, and it will also affect the health of the patient's urinary system and reproductive system. A warm reminder that fracture patients should pay special attention to all aspects. First of all, they should eat more foods rich in vitamins and proteins in their diet, and maintain proper calcium supplementation. At the same time, they should also avoid reducing water intake and abusing drugs. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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