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How to improve the pattern and be a person with a big pattern?

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How to improve the pattern and be a person with a big pattern?

We often hear the word "pattern opening", which means that we hope that a person's actions should not be limited to the present, but should take a long-term perspective and expand their vision and mind. Although this word is invisible, and it is difficult to divide it with a scale value, everyone can really feel and appreciate the difference between the large and the small. Through further analysis of psychology, it is found that those who are low-profile in everyone's mouth and who like to be preoccupied with things and take advantage of small things are mostly related to the following three points: first: low sense of self-worth; second: lack of inner security; third : Insufficient internal energy and low self-worth will easily lead to low self-esteem, like to be compared with others, and hope to prove their high value, high work ability, or more beautiful through the form of comparison. But this is precisely caused by the lack of internal energy and a sense of security. Because you are not confident enough, you always feel that you are very lacking, so you always want to compare yourself with others and want to pass the so-called so-called Careful calculation and a little cheap to make up for the inner deficiencies, and you are afraid of not taking it, so your vision can only be limited to the few steps under your feet, and you dare not make plans and take a few more steps forward!

Then what determines a person's mind and structure?

From a psychological point of view, acquired factors can account for 80% or even higher, which are mainly related to people's growth environment and personal experience. A person's character advantage determines his choice, and his choice will achieve experience, and experience will affect his character. This is a process of interlocking and influencing each other, and it is the accumulation of a person's life for so many years. Therefore, if you want to improve your pattern and become a high-level person, you cannot completely change it by reading a few books and listening to a few courses, because it is related to your own family of origin, life and work experience, personality, and incomplete personality. closely related. If you want to adjust this, the first thing you need to do is to "comb" yourself, understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, and see what past growth experiences have brought trauma to yourself, whether you have fallen into misunderstandings and affected them. own character and life. Next, you should improve your cognitive level and objectively analyze whether your past or present understanding of the people and things around you is appropriate, whether you need to adjust, and how to adjust to avoid overcorrecting and causing yourself to fall into another misunderstanding. Finally, on the basis of your inner changes, you can strengthen your inner energy and continuously improve your sense of self-worth, so as to make yourself confident and full of strength from the inside out. It seems very easy to make the above changes, but it is very difficult in practice, because you have no understanding of the psychological level, and it is easy to have problems by "prescribing drugs" yourself. In this case, you can ask for help Professional psychologist. Psychologists will use their professional knowledge and experience to help you understand yourself more objectively, and on this basis, guide you to jump out of the original cognitive cycle in a way that is more suitable for you, so as to truly make yourself more mature. A person with a big pattern, and this is definitely not a matter of a day or two!

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