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This mooncake has the highest calorie

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This mooncake has the highest calorie

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the most anticipated thing is to eat moon cakes. It needs more special flavors introduced by well-known manufacturers, and they will be sold out early along with the gift-giving trend, and a hundred schools of thought contend. Which moon cake has hidden mines? How long does it take to exercise to eat? The nutritionist organizes and tells you: 1. Careful and conscious reading of nutrition labels is the first step in moderation! Before eating, prepare yourself mentally, and pay attention to the sugar content and fat when choosing. Now there are many high-fiber and low-sugar mooncakes to choose from. 2. Cut into pieces and share mooncakes with relatives and friends. Is the calorie high? Then share it with your family and friends! Cut into 1/4 pieces and exchange with family and friends to share deliciousness and love. 3. Drink fruits and tea to relieve oiliness. Eat moon cakes and have a cup of sugar-free tea. It is more serene and less greasy. The sugary drinks that you usually like to drink will be passed first this time, or you can change to refreshing sparkling water. . 4. Reduce the amount of starch and fat The fattening gene of moon cakes lies in its sugar and fat. The amount of staple food in the main meal should be reduced, and one bowl of rice noodles should be eaten to level it. The dishes of the day should also reduce the use of fat. 5. Eat less light fasting on weekdays. In this case, adjust the diet of the day before and after the day. After the Mid-Autumn Festival is a little indulgent, you can close it when you see it. Change to control the three meals of the whole week, less half a bowl of rice, one less late night snack, and less one cup of hand shake , every day a little less calories, so that you can enjoy the moon cakes with a buck.

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