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Xuzhou Depression: What should I do if I have depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: What should I do if I have depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: First of all, there are many ways to treat depression with music therapy, and the effect of music therapy is very good. Music therapy can save energy to a certain extent by appreciating some of the types of music I like in Lujiang. Music appreciation can also be called tonic therapy, that is, a therapy in which patients achieve therapeutic purposes by listening to music. Second, travel therapy has time to travel more. You can make friends and broaden your horizons along the way. It’s better to go to nature or the beach to relax, which can help you adjust your state quickly. People with mild depression can try traveling to relax. Sunlight can remove melanin and help with their disease, but they may fall back into their previous state when they come back. You can try these methods. Thirdly, different exercise patterns can be effectively relieved by exercising, which can effectively help people reduce stress, relax their mood, can relieve depression, make you energetic, and can effectively increase balance and flexibility. Overall, the treatment of depression is safe, effective, and simple. However, you must consult with your doctor and follow your doctor's advice before starting a new exercise. As a way of diverting attention, exercise can play a role in enriching life, such as walking, jogging, swimming, singing, etc. It is recommended to choose outdoor sports for half an hour to an hour every day. Fourth, dietary conditioning Some depression experts say foods high in carbohydrates and sugar can ease depression, tension, and irritability. The more carbohydrate intake, the better a person's mental state. If you feel impatient in your heart, you should eat porridge, chaos and other carbohydrate-containing snacks as soon as possible, and your mood will be improved in a short time.


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