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what is phobia

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what is phobia

A phobia is simply fear. There are many things that make us afraid. For example, some people are afraid of the dark, and they dare not turn off the lights when they sleep at night; some people feel inexplicable fear in these environments or places such as elevators, cars, or engine rooms; some people are afraid Socializing with others, fear of being the center of attention, nervousness, stuttering, sweating, and shaking hands whenever standing in a crowd. Phobia, also known as phobic neurosis, refers to a series of physiological reactions that patients have when they interact with external situations, objects, or people. Symptoms such as nervousness, flushing, shortness of breath, sweating, heart palpitations, changes in blood pressure, nausea, weakness and even fainting. Thus resulting in fear, avoidance, withdrawal and other behaviors. Patients sometimes know they are overly stressed, but have difficulty controlling their behavior, or are afraid to endure it, which interferes with normal activities. Characteristics of phobias: (1) Patients usually have anticipatory anxiety, with fear and anxiety to endure or try to avoid the feared object or situation. (2) The patient knows that it is unnecessary, but when faced with a specific situation and object, the fear response is like a conditioned reflex and cannot control its appearance. (3) When a panic attack occurs, the emotional experience of anxiety and fear is very strong, and it is often accompanied by autonomic symptoms ranging in severity: such as psychological anxiety (palpitation), sweating, blushing, muscle tension, tremors, and even urinary incontinence. (4) Patients are also extremely distressed in social life because of these factors. and even other mental illnesses.


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