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Xuzhou Anxiety: How to Reduce Anxiety?

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Xuzhou Anxiety: How to Reduce Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: In the past, people used alcohol, nicotine and other things to express their anxiety. Some people are used to drinking or smoking to relieve anxiety when they're upset, but new research shows that using these things can actually lead to anxiety and anxiety disorders. About 30% of people with severe anxiety disorder drink alcohol. Plus, people with anxiety disorders are twice as likely to become addicted to nicotine! So how can you reduce anxiety? 1. Get enough sleep. Getting plenty of rest and getting enough sleep is a great way to relieve anxiety. When work is too stressful, you can also take annual leave. Research shows that taking annual leave can reduce stress among office workers and improve quality of life and overall well-being. So, in the new year, make the most of your vacation time, organize your vacation plan, and recharge your brain. 2. Be optimistic. When you're lacking in self-confidence, imagine past glories or pictures of your own success. You will quickly resolve your anxiety and anxiety and regain your self-confidence. 3. Beautiful fantasy This is a great way to relieve tension and anxiety. Picture yourself lying on a sunny beach with the cool sea breeze blowing slowly. Try it, there may be unexpected results. 4. Tell others about your emotions. Actively seek psychological and life care and help from family and friends, which will also help to meet their legitimate psychological needs and maintain a quiet state of mind. 5. Reduce high expectations. For example, if you are going on a blind date, you will feel very anxious before meeting the other person. That's because you want the other person's approval, which is your own expectation. After meeting you find out that he's not the type you want, and your anxiety lessens because you don't want to have any relationship with him. Appropriately lowering expectations can help relieve anxiety. Don't feel like you're going to get more money than you deserve when you pay out your bonus every month.


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