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What should I pay attention to when breastfeeding my baby? Scientific breastfeeding to master these 3 points

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What should I pay attention to when breastfeeding my baby? Scientific breastfeeding to master these 3 points

In infants, spitting up milk is more common, and new mothers are more afraid. In fact, the baby spit up milk, mother don't worry, because the child is in the infant period, the stomach capacity is relatively small, and the digestive function is not perfect. If the mother feeds the baby too much milk at one time, the baby will spit up the milk, so the mother should pay attention to the skills when breastfeeding the baby. So what skills do you need to master to breastfeed your baby? 1. It is necessary to control the amount of milk spitting up in infants. Although it is common for children to spit up milk, mothers should control the amount of milk when breastfeeding their children. Because once a child drinks too much milk, it is easy to spit up milk. After all, the child's stomach capacity is small at this time, and the digestive function needs to gradually improve over time. In addition, breastfeeding the baby at a reasonable time can also avoid the phenomenon of spitting up. 2. Prevention of spitting up is the key to the phenomenon of spitting up in children. We must do a good job in prevention. For example, when a mother is breastfeeding her child, try not to make the child cry. Maybe some children are not hungry at this time, they are in a bad mood, and do not want to drink milk, so mothers should not force their children to drink milk. After all, forcing children to drink milk is prone to spitting up. Of course, when the mother is breastfeeding the baby, don't turn the baby's body easily. It is best to hold the baby upright and gently pat the baby's back. If the baby is already burping, it is usually difficult for the baby to spit up. In fact, when breastfeeding the baby, some are breastfeeding, some are formula feeding or mixed feeding. It is recommended that mothers use a reasonable method to breastfeed the baby according to the specific situation. In addition, it is also necessary to choose the milk powder that suits the baby's taste, and pay attention to the milk powder brand. 3. Reasonable matching of food When breastfeeding the baby, the child is prone to spitting up. It is recommended to give the child more food rich in protein and vitamins, so that the baby can meet the nutritional needs in the process of growth and development. . At this moment, the baby is more than one month old, and complementary food can be added appropriately, then give the baby milk or soy milk. But don't drink too much, otherwise it will affect the baby. Although it is relatively common for babies to spit up milk in normal times, Bao Mom is very anxious, and she is advised to adjust her mentality. In addition, you need to pay attention to the details of breastfeeding, because the details of the baby's breastfeeding are not in place, which will cause the baby to spit up. bad. At this time, the mother not only needs to improve the amount of breastfeeding, but also pay close attention to the specific situation of the baby. Once the baby finds discomfort, use appropriate methods to relieve it as much as possible to avoid aggravating the baby's condition. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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