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Xuzhou Depression: Who is more likely to suffer from depression?

Time:2023-03-28 01:22:45 author:Prevent anxiety Read:985次
Xuzhou Depression: Who is more likely to suffer from depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Various diseases occur frequently, and precautions should be taken. Some studies have pointed out that some people with special personalities are more likely to suffer from depression than ordinary people, so these people should pay more attention to prevention. So who is more likely to suffer from depression? 1. A cautious person. According to research, most cautious people do not like to laugh or communicate with those around them. They always shut themselves in a world of isolation, always cautious. When things go wrong in life, these people are easily overwhelmed and trapped in a vicious cycle, and thus are more likely to induce depression than the average person. 2. People who are prone to inferiority complex. Being prone to low self-esteem is also one of the common causes of depression, because people with low self-esteem are generally more depressed. But in this era of increasing social pressure, such people are more likely to be unable to solve their own problems in the face of adversity, and it is easy to induce depression in the long run. 3. An innocent person. Innocent people are easily deceived because of their simple minds. When they encounter things that they cannot adjust, they can easily fall into pain and sadness, so they are also prone to depression. 4. Competitive people. Competitive people always demand that they do everything well. If this problem persists for too long, it is easy to become depressed and paranoid. 5. A person with a flawed character. Some people with personality flaws are prone to depression. For example, introverted and autistic people, they are often derailed from society, do not know how to get along with others, and do not know how to get along with others. Over time, they become depressed because of loneliness. Such as the pursuit of perfection in everything. Such people have very high requirements for everything, and they often have very high goals themselves. But they often have to live with the reality that long-term disappointment and loss can easily lead to depression. 6. People who are too stressed. This mainly refers to the pressure from various aspects, family pressure, study pressure, work pressure and so on. These pressures gather together and press on people, and people are very easy to collapse. Therefore, people with high stress in life are very prone to depression. Even people who have suffered a huge blow or trauma are very prone to depression.


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