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How to deal with autonomic disorders? Do you know all these face-to-face methods?

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How to deal with autonomic disorders? Do you know all these face-to-face methods?

Most people with autonomic disorder are caused by long-term work, mental stress, excessive fatigue, emotional loss, or because of a certain event, caused by large emotional fluctuations and mental stimulation. Autonomic nervous disorder is a chronic disease. Going to the hospital to check for any organic problems cannot be found, but there are functional disorders in the body. This disease is also relatively complicated. Many patients have gone to many large hospitals, but the disease itself does not exist. The improvement is not because the level of doctors is not high, but because many patients lack the awareness and popularization of this aspect. They have suffered from diseases for decades and think they will be cured immediately. There are many patients whose symptoms are improving little by little, but they don't notice it themselves, so they question the doctor and feel that the recovery is too slow, so they continue to look for the next one. This vicious circle increases its difficulty. . Autonomic disorder is a syndrome of neurological dysfunction. The clinical manifestations of autonomic nervous system disorders can involve multiple systems of the whole body, such as cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, urogenital system, etc. In addition to genetic factors, it is related to psychological factors, social factors, environmental factors, and family factors. In fact, most of the patients' autonomic disorder is caused by psychological reasons, such as study pressure, such as failing to pass an important exam, and they often regret and feel sorry for their family members. Work pressure, emotional instability, family burden, failure in marriage and love, such as a girlfriend who has been with others for many years, can't accept it, keeps thinking about the past, and can't get out.

So what causes autonomic disorders?

1. Genetic factors: Generally, this situation is relatively rare, and most of them are caused by some acquired bad emotions or bad habits. 2. Psychological factors: Chinese medicine uses joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and shock, most of which are related to internal factors, such as excessive seven emotions, internal injury and flatulence. There are two main types of human psychological factors, positive psychological factors and negative psychological factors, and 75% of the diseases are caused by physical or social psychological factors. 3. Environmental factors: family environment and living environment, if the family often likes to quarrel, living in such an environment for a long time will also cause autonomic disorders. Or being in a noisy environment for a long time, the same will also occur.

So what should patients with autonomic disorders be aware of?

1. Usually develop good living habits: go to bed early and get up early, continue to work without stress, eat on time, don't eat more or less, be regular, and don't overeat. 2. Participate in more outdoor activities: You can participate in more outdoor activities in your life, which is not only beneficial to your physical and mental health, but also allows you to make some friends. Don't always be bored at home alone, talking to yourself. You can play badminton, running, swimming, yoga, fishing, fitness, etc. Not only exercise, but also breathe fresh air, make yourself more cheerful and sunny. 3. Learn to regulate your emotions at ordinary times: share more with your friends or family around you, don’t always keep things in your heart, or you can cry happily. When you encounter bad things, you must learn to regulate yourself. Get out of the depression as soon as possible.

What about autonomic disorders?

1. Correctly understand the disease: First of all, you must have confidence in yourself, and have the confidence to overcome it, whether it is with the help of external force or. Only with a correct understanding and understanding of the disease can we return to our normal life. 2. Self-coaching: First of all, there are many reasons for the occurrence of diseases. We must actively face and correct our bad habits. Irregular living habits make it gradually become regular, and my emotions are not positive, and slowly make it positive. 3. Using traditional Chinese medicine conditioning: Western medicine conditioning is generally based on some drugs that nourish the nerves or inhibit the nerves. The conditioning method is relatively simple, and it can cure the symptoms but not the root cause, because the autonomic nerve disorder is not only a neurological problem, but also affects the In terms of emotions, psychology and viscera functions, many patients with autonomic nervous disorders will be conditioned according to anxiety or depression, and the effect is not ideal. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is based on the balance of yin and yang of the human body, the balance of qi and blood, and the functions of the viscera. Physicians will conduct a holistic syndrome differentiation and treatment according to the specific symptoms of patients with autonomic nervous disorders, and target the compatibility of medicinal materials. The process of toning the internal organs and correcting the nerves. It is still very advantageous to regulate autonomic disorders through traditional Chinese medicine, the conditioning effect is also good, and it is not easy to repeat after recovery. The key to the treatment of autonomic dysfunction lies in building confidence, conforming to nature, and accepting reality; correctly dealing with setbacks and illnesses in real life, giving full play to personal strengths, overcoming character weaknesses, and cheering up your spirits. If you have any questions that you don't understand, you can click on my avatar to follow me, and send me a private message, and I will reply one by one after I see it. Welcome to the public account "Autonomic Nervous Disorder" for more health science knowledge. See you next time.

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