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How to protect the "fragile" anterior cruciate ligament of the knee? Regular exercise is important

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How to protect the "fragile" anterior cruciate ligament of the knee? Regular exercise is important

People often say that "life lies in exercise", but wrong and excessive exercise methods are likely to cause damage to the body. During the summer vacation, the number of adolescents undergoing surgery in sports medicine and joint surgery increased significantly. The family doctor invited He Aishan, the chief physician of the Department of Sports Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, to introduce the prevention and treatment of knee anterior cruciate ligament tears to you. Let's take a look. The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is very fragile. The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is a white, fibrous tissue surrounded by synovial tissue. It is located in the knee joint cavity, from the front of the tibial intercondylar spine to the back of the lateral femoral condyle. In life, although we cannot feel the existence of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee joint, it plays a very important role. Chief Physician He Aishan said, "The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is an important structure for stabilizing the knee joint and can protect the meniscus from the shear force during exercise." Since the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is the axis of rotation of the knee joint, and It is weaker than the posterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint, so once injured in sports, the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint will be more easily damaged. Do I have to have surgery after an ACL tear? Experts: Reconstructive surgery is recommended after knee ACL tear, the preferred treatment is ACL reconstruction surgery. However, when it comes to surgery, many parents will be more worried and nervous. Therefore, most parents have raised the question, "Can conservative treatment be performed after the torn ACL of the knee joint?" Chief Physician He Aishan said. , "The anterior cruciate ligament is a continuous fibrous tissue. After tearing, the fibrous tissue will be damaged and retracted irregularly and cannot be sutured. Autologous tendon reconstruction is required to restore the continuity and tension of the anterior cruciate ligament. If the patient If you want to continue exercising in the future, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery is required. However, some patients can be treated conservatively. If the patient does not have a meniscus tear and can accept no exercise in the future, you can temporarily choose conservative treatment and perform rehabilitation training. However, if the knee joint is sprained again, it is still necessary to undergo anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. Otherwise, repeated sprains will lead to knee meniscus and cartilage damage, knee joint degeneration and aging, and osteoarthritis at a young age. Ligament Injuries Avoid Inappropriate Intense Sports Sports are the leading cause of ACL tears, the most common of which are football, basketball and badminton. "In order to better protect the "fragile" anterior cruciate ligament, it is recommended that you train neuromuscular strength and agility before engaging in intense confrontational exercise, and do exercise preparation exercises. Knee discomfort and poor muscle strength Teenagers are not suitable for strenuous confrontational sports. Otherwise, it is easy to sprain the knee joint during sports, resulting in tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament." Chief Physician He Aishan said. Teens can prevent ACL injuries by doing the following. 1. Develop proper exercise habits. Warm up before physical activity, avoid fatigue during physical activity, and relax properly after physical activity. 2. Rest in time. If you feel fatigued during physical activity, you should rest in time. Waiting for ligament and muscle strength to recover before continuing to exercise reduces the chance of ligament damage. 3. Action specification. When performing sports activities, be sure to master regular movements to avoid knee injuries due to irregular movements. 4. Avoid confrontational movements. Amateur sports enthusiasts should try to avoid dangerous actions such as collisions when playing sports such as ball, so as to avoid ligament damage. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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