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Epilepsy, the "secret" hidden in sexual function

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Epilepsy, the "secret" hidden in sexual function

According to the World Health Organization report, there are currently about 50 million epilepsy patients worldwide, and there are more than 9 million epilepsy patients in my country, of which 6 million patients still have seizures every year, and 400,000 new cases occur every year.

A simple understanding of epilepsy

Epilepsy, commonly known as "horn madness", is one of the common diseases of the nervous system. Consciousness, behavior, autonomic nerves, etc. have different degrees of disturbance, manifested as sudden unconsciousness, limb convulsions, strange throat sounds, foaming at the mouth, incontinence and other symptoms. Patients may have one or several forms of seizures. In ancient times, people believed that epilepsy was caused by excessive sex or masturbation. In order to cure the disease, the patient would be castrated, thinking that without sex, the patient would not develop the disease due to the extreme excitement during sex, but this also makes the stable period of patients lose their right to sex. Many studies have proved that genetic factors are the basis for the onset of epilepsy (primary and secondary). The results of family surveys show that the prevalence of epilepsy in close relatives is 2% to 6%, which is significantly higher than the 0.5% to 1% of the general population. . Epilepsy has different inheritance patterns, such as autosomal dominant inheritance in childhood absence epilepsy and autosomal recessive inheritance in infantile spasms. In addition, congenital or developmental disorders of the brain such as various brain malformations, congenital hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, tuberous sclerosis are also one of the causes of epilepsy. Acquired causes such as traumatic brain injury, intracranial infection, intracranial tumor, cerebrovascular disease, brain degenerative disease, febrile convulsion in children, metabolic, toxic diseases, etc., can cause epileptic seizures. In addition, visual shocks such as televisions, computers, video games, and camera flashes can also induce epilepsy, which is medically called photosensitive epilepsy, and has gradually increased in recent years. As a common neurological disorder, epilepsy can occur at any age. It should be noted that some patients have epileptic seizure symptoms that are not typical, and may not necessarily have grand mal seizures.

Epilepsy and Sex Hormones

Although epilepsy is a neurological disorder, it is inextricably linked with sex hormones. Clinical data show that epilepsy patients are more likely to have abnormal sexual and reproductive function than healthy people: 38% to 71% of male patients have decreased libido and sexual function; female patients with menstrual disorders are very common, especially anovulatory menstruation is characterized; There can also be dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which ultimately manifests as changes in sex hormone levels. In addition to social and mental factors, antiepileptic drugs can affect the function of Leydig cells or affect the metabolism of sex hormones, thereby changing the levels of serum sex hormones; epileptic seizures themselves can also affect sex hormone levels. Through experimental research, it has been found that estrogen can act on neurons in the central nervous system, changing the excitability and protein synthesis of neurons. Therefore, changes in estrogen levels can cause or inhibit epileptic discharge, thereby aggravating or reducing the condition of epilepsy patients. . Studies have found that women who take oral contraceptives are more likely to have seizures than before. The reason is that the main components of contraceptives are estrogen and progesterone. When estrogen increases, it is more likely to induce epileptic seizures, so patients with epilepsy should switch to other contraceptive methods. Testosterone is the most commonly used method for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in male epilepsy patients. After treatment, the patient's libido has recovered, and the frequency of seizures has not changed significantly.

Sexual characteristics of patients with epilepsy

The sexual function of most patients with epilepsy is normal, and the levels of sex hormones in the body are also within the normal range. In patients with combined sexual dysfunction, part of it is due to excessive stress, such as premature ejaculation, impotence, and low libido. Partly due to sexual dysfunction caused by taking antiepileptic drugs, such as phenobarbital, which has a sedative effect, has a slight effect on sexual function, and long-term use can accelerate the inactivation and metabolism of sex hormones; some side effects of drugs, such as gum Hyperplasia, hirsutism, indifference to things, etc., can also affect sexual function. Some epilepsy patients often suffer from sudden seizures, worry about being laughed at by others, and have mental and psychological disorders such as inferiority complex, depression, loneliness and indifference, which can reduce their libido, and lack sexual interest and pleasure. Some patients have a fear of sexual intercourse due to the experience of epileptic seizures during sexual life, which affects normal sexual function. Some epilepsy patients have too frequent sexual life, and they are very tired afterwards, or their sexual life is not harmonious. Especially, spouses often blame each other for their unsatisfactory sexual life, which may increase the mental burden of patients, so that sexual life becomes an epileptic seizure. incentives. Organic damage to the brain in patients with secondary epilepsy, especially in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, can be manifested as hypersexuality, priapism, excessive masturbation or sexual intercourse, or induced seizures; or manifested as loss of libido, Anorgasmia, etc.

Sexual life needs reasonable induction and control

Sexual life is often mentally excited and accompanied by certain physical activity, so I am worried that it will induce Epilepsy is understandable. However, this kind of worry is superfluous. Modern medicine has confirmed that if the sexual life is harmonious, not only will it not aggravate or promote epilepsy, but it will also help to improve and stabilize the condition. It should be pointed out that during frequent seizures of epilepsy, the patient's physique and libido decline; during the period of taking a large number of antiepileptic drugs, because most of the drugs have a strong sedative effect, they can cause impotence, ejaculation disorders, frigidity and other sexual dysfunctions, and sexual dysfunction should be suspended. life, and resume after the condition is stable. If there is hypersexuality, you should self-control or seek medical attention to avoid triggering epileptic seizures. Epilepsy patients should be optimistic about their disease, keep a cheerful mood, do appropriate physical exercise, and arrange their sexual life when both husband and wife are mentally and physically strong. In this way, the sexual function of the patient can be significantly improved. It is better for epileptic patients to lie in a lying position, and it is better for the sick party to be in the lower position. At the same time, the emotions should not be too excited, otherwise it may induce epilepsy. The frequency of sexual life of patients should be less than that of normal people, and the time of sexual intercourse should not be too long, just enough. Reduce the dose of antiepileptic drugs phenytoin or phenobarbital, libido, sexual dysfunction can be improved. However, epilepsy patients should not stop, reduce or change the drug without authorization. They should follow the doctor's guidance and reduce the drug after the condition improves. For female patients who have sex while taking the drug, it is best to take contraceptive measures, because pregnancy and childbirth have adverse effects on the health of the mother and child. Condoms are the preferred method of contraception.


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