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Concerned about the mental health of adolescents, parents should "watch carefully" for these problems

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Concerned about the mental health of adolescents, parents should "watch carefully" for these problems

Depression is still a mood disorder that is difficult to define and describe at present. For those who have not experienced depression, it is difficult to understand the psychological state of the patient. Whenever we see a patient with depression pass away, the first reaction of many people is to be puzzled, and then to sigh! But you must know that depression not only spreads among adults, but children and adolescents are also at high risk of depression. Children may not be able to explain depression through language. If parents see these symptoms, please communicate with them in time, and require the intervention of a psychiatrist if necessary. A sudden drop in a child's grades and depression will make it difficult for the child to concentrate, which will further cause the child to lose focus in class and be unable to complete homework. For example, usually a very good student, suddenly there is a test that is much lower than usual. Many children and teens with depression complain about a loss of focus and concentration, rather than expressing their sadness to their families. Get enough sleep, but still get tired Some kids will want to spend the afternoon napping, and people with depression often wake up early and can't fall asleep. Their sleep wasn't rejuvenating, meaning no matter how much they dozed off, they would still feel exhausted the next day. People who don't have close friends and don't mind depression tend to isolate themselves from others. If your child gradually becomes withdrawn, loses his temper, and does not like to go out and play with friends on weekends, there is no such thing as a good friend. Then, please pay attention to the child's psychological state in time. Such a state is quite abnormal. Even if it is not depression, it is very likely that there will be some psychological difficulties. Children's emotions become "flammable and explosive" Although sadness and low mood are warning signs of depression in adults, for children, it may seem more like "anxiety". Many kids with depression may not just look sad or depressed, but are more prone to anger, tantrums, irritability, and mood swings. If your child is constantly throwing tantrums at family members, then ask parents to be aware of the possibility of depression. A child who seems to cry more than usual is actually a healthy form of emotional expression. However, if your child becomes a frequent crybaby, check on him promptly. Depression will cry because the patient has an instinctive response driven by negative emotions, that is, the so-called cry will be when you feel sad, so this actually reflects part of the patient's inner emotional experience. A family history of depression While some people develop depression without a family history, mental health disorders tend to run in families. People with a family history of depression have a higher risk of developing depression. Studies have shown that if one parent has depression, the risk of children suffering from depression is 25%. If both parents have depression, the probability of children suffering from depression will increase to 50% to 75%. Of course, everyone does not need to be too nervous. It is very common for children to have normal emotional ups and downs, but we must face up to depression and pay attention to depression. Help children build healthy, independent personalities so they can thrive.

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